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August 02, 2010 07:46PM
This is just a reminder that we are on break from August 1-14, inclusive. We will and can continue to post, but minimum posting requirements are removed for that time frame and you may not get a reply from someone unless you have arranged to do so ahead of time. The XO and I will continue to check in and you should still get normal or close to normal posting from us over this time, but if things take an extra day to get a reply, you'll understand why.

We will be attending the convention, or at least trying to, while in Las Vegas. Yes, I said we. That was the one thing we thought might be interesting to mention at the convention, but nobody from the ship is going to be there but us...deep sigh. The CO and XO are both going to be at the convention...together. Fear not, we are not starting a scandal...we're married.

We did our best to keep it on the down low for a while now, but no reason to do so any longer. The CO and XO really are a team in real life, which is why we make such a good writing team and always have. Feel free to toss any and all questions at us on it.

I would say to let me know any questions you would have for the convention, but it now looks like the infamous Mr. Baldwin may not be able to attend. I was looking forward to meeting him, but now have no idea who will be in attendance. I will do my best to report on it after we return.

XO LtCmdr Samantha Waters
Lone Wolf

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