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Re: Break

August 02, 2010 07:58PM
Congratulations on the marriage. I thought I had sensed a disturbance in the force... smiling smiley

Seriously, congrats and may your marriage live long and prosper. I've known several people who have gotten married after meeting the game and these types of blessed events are a testimony to what a great group of friends (and beyond) we can become. Did you two meet via the game?

As for the break -- I'll be here and posting.

As for the convention -- enjoy! Sorry to hear Bob might not make it. I always enjoy getting together and talking to him when I've had opportunity to do so in the past. Once upon a time I was his XO on the Geneva so Bob and I go way back.

Enjoy Las Vegas, it's a great town even if you aren't gambling, and be sure to take lots of pictures.

CMO CDR Dey'Utchendeyorbren, USS Victoria
XO LCDR Falha'konin, USS Broadsword
Player Bryan Paveza

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