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Re: Break

August 02, 2010 08:48PM
T'Kai and J'Het are married?????? Does Romain know? How does this change the nature of things on the ship? LOL

Anyways...thanks, Bryan. We met via ANOTHER Star Trek writing web site a LONG time ago in another universe......we have been together nine years....married 8. I started out as a lowly ensign Science Officer....a Trill...so one of the reasons why there is a Trill on the ship...she is totally different from my character now and the best, I feel, I have ever written for. I worked my way up to XO, then got my own ship...but I never really enjoyed being a CO....I like being an XO....let the CO do all the work...the XO gets all the glory....lol....T'Kai is my first Vulcan. The Captain's character is his second foray into the Vulcan life, albeit totally different from his first character. I took a break for about four years from writing Sci Fi....and the Captain convinced me to join ACTD. I am glad I did.....I thinnk I will leave it there for now....and your work in the CAG has been quite inpressive. We have a wedding to attend in Vegas as well...and visiting Family.... so...LOTS to do...not a whole lot of time to do things in, but I am looking forward to seeing some of the others from the site....sorry that you will not be able to attend.....hopefully, the next one.

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