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Re: Break

August 03, 2010 05:32AM
What?!? Lone Wolf and Jen are married?

Ok, fine, so I knew practically the week after Jen rejoined the Broadsword but was forced into an oath of silence. Given I have been playing with Lone Wolf, almost solidly, for 6 years I would like to think I am privy to some additional information.

As for the convention, I would have loved to come but I lack the funds for this year to do such a thing and given the amount of people I would want autographs from, it might be a bad idea for me to go (just missing William Shatner's autograph and then I have all the captains winking smiley ). Its kinda interesting for me to see the pictures of the people going and remembering what they were like when I met them winking smiley Like how I got Dominic Keating to sign my autograph as 'Captain of the goodship Lollipop'

I do plan to visit Lone Wolf and his lovely wife one day. I have visited some of my ACTD buddies before in the US (I visited the McCauley clan) and feel I need to make a trip again. But every time it gets harder because there are so many people I would want to visit winking smiley How about you guys swim across the pond to me? smiling smiley

Sorry you might not get to meet Bob sad smiley

Please take lots of pictures, I want to see what these people look like smiling smiley

Capt. Catherine Raiser, USS Victoria (ret.)

Cathy Knights

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