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The current mission

September 24, 2010 09:09AM
I just wanted to take the time to mention how everyone was doing with this mission. I don't always take the time to say much, and reviews are always a reminder, but should not be the only way people hear what the Captain thinks.

In spite of all the odd obstacles and delays, we have managed to keep this mission going pretty well. We have done a very good job with trying to teach everyone about using protocols and proceedures and I have seen a big improvement. Everyone did a much better job with cross posting and making certain that there was a clear transition when they moved about the ship.

We also have identified a rather difficult area for posting on our ship, the Flight Bay. All things considered, I think we have done very well though. I know I can tend to create interactions that are hard to follow. I also know that it can be tricky to be made to think outside the proverbial box. Many people like to depend on the fancy sensors and computers we have in Star Trek and I deliberately took much of that away here. This happens in many episodes and the characters are forced to rely on their own talents and wits for a time. I saw lots of development here and think we have tons to work with now for the future.

Sorry if I have been a bit too unconventional in this one, but I was careful to plant the seeds to my evil plans with plenty of time to spare. I love keeping people on their toes.

Feel free to express your thoughts here on the mission and the writing. I welcome all comments, both pro and con. I will offer up my thoughts about specific writers in another post here, but am interested to hear what others have to say first, so I don't influence the comments too much initially.

XO LtCmdr Samantha Waters
Lone Wolf

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