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Re: The current mission

September 24, 2010 12:01PM
Firstly, try not to put Adrian under such emotion distress - I think that he would have passed out if Lisa had not been in that runabout. I guess it is my fault for biting the bone that you wave in front of my face. Every time I think that I have met your challenge and can sit back and relax, and every time you pull the rug from under me.

It was a good mission, lots of little hints along the way that were there for those that read the NPC posts. But this was also a shortcoming for those pressed for time. From experience, I have seen that players can often post 'reactionary' instead of 'proactively', where they only post if their character is directly involved. This means that they miss out on a lot of hints along the way.

There are still a few unanswered questions, like what happened to the Klingon Bird of Prey (unless you are getting to that) or how far the infection of spores has spread in Sickbay.

From a character development point of view, I have to thank you. You gave me enough space and opportunity to both show how much Adrian loves his wife and child so much that he would forsake everything to help them as well as (dunno if anyone caught on) that old habits die hard. Adrian is the son of a diplomat, he is used to being spoilt and, despite denying it, the habit still occurs when he is under great stress. In this case, he shows it in everyone should drop everything to help him find Lisa (regardless of whether they are helping wounded or repairing the ship)

Erm, thats about it from me. I am rambling

Capt. Catherine Raiser, USS Victoria (ret.)

Cathy Knights

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