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SM Input and this mission

October 04, 2010 05:48PM
I just wanted to make a comment on the large SM Input that I posted on the Bridge for our CTO. I normally do not post such large inputs, but felt it was needed in this case.

We had a great deal going on with this mission. I want people to know that the entire idea of the serial killer came from our XO, so she gets the credit for that. I just know how to twist the knife (no pun intended) and how to make the grim pieces fit together in a way that keeps the crew guessing. I felt it was important to answer some of the nagging questions though. There was a large number of loose ends or things that might have seemed hard to put together for some people, so I wanted to connect some of the dots for you all with that post.

If there are still some loose ends, feel free to post your question here, or bring it up in character on the ship. If you have questions I have not answered, then knowing what they are will teach me where I need to improve in my writing to leave less holes next time. One example is the CAG wrote (in character) about what Jack Langmir did and that perhaps charges or an investigation would be in order. I certainly like that idea and am now working on a way to perhaps introduce such a small addition to the sub-plot. If anyone wants to be part of that, feel free to drop me a note on how you think you would write that in and we can talk.

I know we have had lots of on again and off again writing with lots of LOA's and such through this mission, but I refuse to give up. I hope to bring you all back to more energetic writing and toss out a few more challenges here and there. This can be as exciting as you guys dare to write it. I never run out of ideas, but I really get interested when you guys toss in your ideas too.

XO LtCmdr Samantha Waters
Lone Wolf

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