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Re: SM Input and this mission

October 10, 2010 04:29PM
As you are soliciting ideas I thought I'd throw one out ... when I was SM it was always a favorite practice of mine to review the character biographies of my players and try find little tidbits that I could inject into a story. I remember I had one player once who's bio said her father was a smuggler. Well, when it came time for them to sneak behind enemy lines the Captain suggested they contact her father to help them. It made for a great opportunity for the player to really be a big part of the mission and was a great opportunity to broaden the 'universe' of the ship.

Perhaps a player mentions an Academy crush in her bio. What if that person were to show up during a mission with their life in jeopardy. Maybe they mention a brother who is freighter pilot. Well, what if the next mission involved a distress call from that very same freighter. Profiles are chock full of great stuff and, when injected in-mission, can really turn folks for a loop. Great fun.

lonewolf Wrote:
> I know we have had lots of on again and off again
> writing with lots of LOA's and such through this
> mission, but I refuse to give up. I hope to bring
> you all back to more energetic writing and toss
> out a few more challenges here and there. This
> can be as exciting as you guys dare to write it.
> I never run out of ideas, but I really get
> interested when you guys toss in your ideas too.

CMO CDR Dey'Utchendeyorbren, USS Victoria
XO LCDR Falha'konin, USS Broadsword
Player Bryan Paveza

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