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Capt. Nate Drake

July 19, 2020 05:05PM
[Drake, walking into the Academy Lounge]

Nate walked into the lounge and immediately headed towards a empty table. He had a very packed schedule and the Captain didn't like wasting time. Captain Drake was an older gentleman in his late forties. His hair was greying along the sides of his head and he had an eye patch over his left eye. Drake had lost his eye in hand to hand combat with a Klingon and he chose not to replace it with a prosthetic one - the main reason was that he felt it added character.

As the Captain of the USS Dadao, an Akira class starship, took a seat, a waiter came by and took his order. Drake was at the Academy mainly because he accepted to test some cadets while his crew took a much needed shore leave.

CO Captain Harvey Kirkman
SM Valdivian Station / USS Trinity
7th Fleet Manager
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Player - Mike Yan

  Academy Class of 12007.19

Mike Yan39July 19, 2020 04:58PM

  Academy Lounge

Mike Yan17July 19, 2020 04:59PM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan10July 19, 2020 05:05PM

  Re: Capt. Nate Drake

ncarcosa23July 20, 2020 11:30AM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan9July 21, 2020 01:23AM

  Cdt. Jessie Burke

ncarcosa18July 21, 2020 10:50AM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan8July 25, 2020 03:05AM

  Cdt. Jessie Burke

ncarcosa7July 25, 2020 05:48PM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan10July 30, 2020 03:22AM

  Re: Academy Lounge

ncarcosa10July 30, 2020 11:57AM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan7August 03, 2020 12:32AM

  Re: Academy Lounge

ncarcosa5August 07, 2020 12:11PM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan0August 12, 2020 02:27AM

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