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Capt. Nate Drake

July 30, 2020 03:22AM
[Drake, in the lounge]

"That's good to know, Cadet," said Nate as he pulled out a PADD to make a few notes, "According to your Cadet profile, you're assigned to me for the duration of your final examination. Starfleet has picked a mission for us to head out to a classified outpost in the Beta Quadrant. This outpost is staffed by Starfleet Intelligence officers, but they have reported that they're having trouble with some of their equipment. You'll see, that I'm in need of an Engineer since most of my crew are on shore leave. We just got back from a 10 year deep space mission and they needed some much deserved R&R. Do you have any questions?"

[OOC: Sorry for the delayed post! It's been a busy few days for me and I couldn't find time to check on the boards smiling smiley ]

CO Captain Harvey Kirkman
SM Valdivian Station / USS Trinity
7th Fleet Manager
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  Academy Class of 12007.19

Mike Yan38July 19, 2020 04:58PM

  Academy Lounge

Mike Yan17July 19, 2020 04:59PM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan10July 19, 2020 05:05PM

  Re: Capt. Nate Drake

ncarcosa22July 20, 2020 11:30AM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan9July 21, 2020 01:23AM

  Cdt. Jessie Burke

ncarcosa17July 21, 2020 10:50AM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan7July 25, 2020 03:05AM

  Cdt. Jessie Burke

ncarcosa6July 25, 2020 05:48PM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan9July 30, 2020 03:22AM

  Re: Academy Lounge

ncarcosa10July 30, 2020 11:57AM

  Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan7August 03, 2020 12:32AM

  Re: Academy Lounge

ncarcosa5August 07, 2020 12:11PM

  Capt. Nate Drake

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