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Re: CO Capt. Nate Drake

January 05, 2022 01:48PM
A young man wearing a clearly brand new cadet uniform is standing in front of the captain. He's reading Academy rules on a PaDD while waiting forbhisborder.He looks up and sees the captain. He snaps to attention "Good morning sir. Lovely day for breakfast". Without realizing it, he had dropped his paPaDD on the floor when he snapped to attention.

Cadet Alex Patnick
Starfleet Academy

  Academy Class of 12112.27

Mike Yan83January 04, 2022 02:26AM

  Academy Lounge

Mike Yan50January 04, 2022 02:26AM

  CO Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan42January 04, 2022 02:29AM

  Re: CO Capt. Nate Drake

alexp8456January 05, 2022 01:48PM

  CO Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan44January 17, 2022 03:25AM

  Re: CO Capt. Nate Drake

alexp8454January 19, 2022 01:07PM

  CO Capt. Nate Drake

Mike Yan43January 24, 2022 02:30AM

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