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TO LtJg. Yula Resnov

June 13, 2015 10:43PM
[Yula, entering Mess Hall]

Yula entered the Mess Hall, looking exhausted. Her uniform was ripped in several places, hair unkempt, she had a nasty looking bruise on her left cheek and part if her uniform, made up a crude dressing for her left hand. She stepped up to the replicator and muttered something to it and a moment later, bloody fingers grasped the steaming beverage she had ordered. Yula then moved to the bar, placed her Vepr-12 on it and sat heavily on one of the empty stools. Yula looked at McKnight.

"Too bad I'm on duty." she said wearily, "I sure could use a good strong whiskey right now. My search turned up nil, Sir. Where ever those things are, they're bloody good at hiding"

CTO Lt. Yula Reznova
Valdivian Station / USS Trinity
Player - Brett Loudon

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