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NPC Cmdr. Sturnok Val

February 19, 2010 06:10PM
[Nervous as hell]

Val looked at himself in the mirror one last time, making sure his dress uniform was neat and straight.

"Great. Tackled ghosts, killer androids, fought against countless alien races and for the first time in your life you are more scared than a Ferengi facing a recession." He said to himself as he shook his head and strapped on his ceremonial Katana.

"I'm getting married to the most beautiful woman in the galaxy, relax you dolt." He chided himself. Seeing as he was finished dressing, Val left and headed for the thing that goes bump in the night.

MO LtJg. Maeve O'Cleary
Player: Matthew Cleary

  OOM: The Road Not Taken - Sturnok & Kiera's Wedding

Mike Yan1088February 06, 2010 05:15PM

  USS Perseus - NCC-78168-A

Mike Yan400February 06, 2010 05:16PM

  Shipwide Announcements

Mike Yan350February 06, 2010 05:16PM


Mike Yan405February 06, 2010 05:16PM

  Captain's Ready Room

Mike Yan384February 06, 2010 05:17PM

  CO Capt. John McKnight

Mike Yan351February 06, 2010 05:37PM

  Main Engineering

Mike Yan385February 06, 2010 05:18PM


Mike Yan398February 06, 2010 05:18PM

  Mess Hall (TTTGBITN)

Mike Yan413February 06, 2010 05:19PM

  Transporter Rooms

Mike Yan374February 06, 2010 05:19PM


Mike Yan359February 06, 2010 05:19PM


Mike Yan378February 06, 2010 05:20PM

  Main Shuttlebay

Mike Yan372February 06, 2010 05:20PM

  Officer Quarters

Mike Yan410February 06, 2010 05:21PM

  CO's Quarters

Mike Yan334February 06, 2010 05:22PM

  XO's Quarters

Mike Yan355February 06, 2010 05:22PM

  NPC Cmdr. Sturnok Val

mcleary735February 19, 2010 06:10PM

  FCO's Quarters

Mike Yan383February 06, 2010 05:22PM

  OPS's Quarters

Mike Yan362February 06, 2010 05:23PM

  CTO's Quarters

Mike Yan371February 06, 2010 05:23PM

  TO's Quarters

Mike Yan369February 06, 2010 05:23PM

  CSO's Quarters

Mike Yan349February 06, 2010 05:24PM

  SO's Quarters

Mike Yan379February 06, 2010 05:24PM

  CEO's Quarters

Mike Yan364February 06, 2010 05:25PM

  EO's Quarters

Mike Yan362February 06, 2010 05:25PM

  CMO's Quarters

Mike Yan367February 06, 2010 05:25PM

  MO's Quarters

Mike Yan347February 06, 2010 05:26PM

  CNS's Quarters

Mike Yan324February 06, 2010 05:26PM

  CIV's Quarters

Mike Yan366February 06, 2010 05:26PM

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