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General News : Medical and Science Conference

May 31, 2014 11:36PM

After months of discussions and testing and more discussions we are finally ready to kick off the Medical and Science Conference. The venue we will be using for this is our Newsfleet board and many thanks to Mike Yan for working with me in getting this set up and helping me to understand how it all works. This originally started out as conference for any medical and science personnel in ACTD but after some questions here and there anyone that wants to learn about the various Medical divisions and Science divisions are welcome to attend.

The Conference is being held at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco for those that are in the area you can join the actual conference there. For those of us that are out on missions here and there in the universe it is being set up so that you can join via the holodecks on your ships. It doesn't matter how you are joining the conference as to your participation in this and you can come and go as you please. This is a fun thing for sharing information and I hope we have some really wonderful conversations and learn many things. There really aren't any dates on this so as to work well with all ships/stations in being able to participate within your ships time frame.

I am going to be looking for a few folks to step up as 'guest speakers' for some of the meetings so if you would like to volunteer that would be fabulous! I'm going to be looking for people in Medical, Counseling and Science. This is not limited to a general doctor for example, we'll be looking for specializations as well. That goes for Counseling and Science as well. Got an idea, shoot me an email!

To get all this going, for those that aren't a part of Newsfleet, send an email to me with the subject line Conference Registration and I will send you the instructions with a link on how to register on the Newsfleet board. As well as instructions on how to make the posts.

If you want to lead one of the meetings send an email with the subject line Conference Leader and in the body of the email what topic(s) you would like to discuss.

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  General News : Medical and Science Conference

Mike Yan3384May 31, 2014 11:36PM

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