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Free ST:ACTD ID Cards - See Note!

August 21, 2010 08:07PM
From ODN

General News: General News: New ID Badges for ST:ACTD - part 4
Posted by Bob Baldwin on Saturday 01 May 2010 at 07:22 UTC
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Dear Fellow Members and Players,

I will be taking over the ST:ACTD ID Badge project from Mike Morrow. The cost is still the same - $1. If a good many of you sign up for an ID, by sending me an email that you'd like one, the Game will foot the bill for the first one. You still must be an active member of the Game with an Active character to get one. If you have more than one active character, you can get more than one badge, but you'll have to pay for the "extra ones." If your character gets a promotion, same deal, if you want a replacement (or upgrade if you will), please donate a buck per to the Game. Any questions, please send me a note. rbaldwin2(AT)woh.rr.com - Replace (AT) with @


Bob Baldwin
Owner & GM
Star Trek: A Call to Duty

Note: If you guys didn't notice, the first one is free of charge if enough of you want one. So send Bob an e-mail to convince him. Why not smiling smiley.

CO Captain Harvey Kirkman
SM Valdivian Station / USS Trinity
7th Fleet Manager
Newsfleet Division Manager
Player - Mike Yan

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  Free ST:ACTD ID Cards - See Note!

Mike Yan1710August 21, 2010 08:07PM

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