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Articles on Newsfleet's homepage

January 17, 2012 12:18AM
Hello 7th Fleet:

For those of you who don't check our Newsfleet homepage regularly, I would like to point out that David, our FNS reporter, has began posting various articles regarding events around the fleet. You can access those articles by visiting: http://startrek.acalltoduty.com/projects/openpublish/.

If you want to volunteer and help, please let me know. Also, anyone that is a member of Newsfleet can post any "blogs" they want to (provided that it follows our Terms of Service and it relates to your character(s)). Instructions for posting blogs onto the Newsfleet homepage can be found here: http://startrek.acalltoduty.com/projects/openpublish/?q=content/instructions

It is my hope that we can create an environment that extends beyond character posts and grow the universe we play in. So please continue to check out our Newsfleet homepage when you get a chance.

Also, if you created an account on the Newsfleet homepage within the past 2 months, you will have to recreate your account. We had a server issue and those accounts were lost.


CO Captain Harvey Kirkman
SM Valdivian Station / USS Trinity
7th Fleet Manager
Newsfleet Division Manager
Player - Mike Yan

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  Articles on Newsfleet's homepage

Mike Yan1948January 17, 2012 12:18AM

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