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MO Lt Solon

March 24, 2012 10:22AM
[Solon, Sickbay]

As Solon was finishing up with the couple of cases of space sickness, the doors of sickbay opened to two crewmembers to which he only recognised one being Johan Ooste. He was slightly concerned about the conversation that he was eardropping on, but was going to intervene when Johan was going to be treated.

"Morning Doctor, I am here for my weekly checkup." Johan put on his best smile as he started to take off his jacket so Solon could visibly check his once almost severed arm.

"Good Morning, Mr Ooste. I hope that you are well?" Solon was looking at his arm as well as scanning it with a tricorder to check that it wasn't getting infected.

[After Ooste Replies]

"I am concerned by the conversation that you were having with your colleague, as the captain isn't a gung ho and reckless, as she is a excellent leader that I think cares for her crew and this ship that you are serving on as a close nit family."

Solon finished up scanning Johan's arm as it was negative for any infections.

Lieutentant Commander SO Hans Solon
Player:Joshua van der Sluys

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  USS Victoria - NCC-74963

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  Re: OOC

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  CO Capt. Raiser

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  CMO LTCDR Dey'Utchendeyorbren

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  MO Lt Solon

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  NPC Tyr Fr'set and Johan Ooste

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  MO Lt Solon

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  NPC Johan Ooste and Tyr Fr'st

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  Cargo Bays

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