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NPC John McKnight

February 04, 2020 02:34AM
[McKnight, in the Cargo Bay]

John looked at his tricorder while sitting in the dark inside of a cargo container. He had programmed his tricorder to emit a dampening field so that he could avoid detection from the Borg. The only downside was that he didn't know what the heck was going on outside his cargo container. He had crawled into one after trying to fight off the Borg that invaded the deck. They were overwhelmed and John had told the kids he was protecting to crawl up the escape hatch while he bought them some time.

CO Captain Harvey Kirkman
SM Valdivian Station / USS Trinity
7th Fleet Manager
Newsfleet Division Manager
Player - Mike Yan

  Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate 12001.27 - Covert Starship Affairs - Act IV

Mike Yan53January 28, 2020 01:43AM

  Atlantis Station

Mike Yan6February 04, 2020 02:19AM

  Operations Center

Mike Yan6February 04, 2020 02:23AM

  XO LtCmdr Samantha Waters

lonewolf13February 12, 2020 08:51PM


Mike Yan4February 18, 2020 12:18AM

  XO LtCmdr Samantha Waters

lonewolf3February 18, 2020 09:19AM

  Transporter Room

Mike Yan3February 04, 2020 02:23AM

  USS Trinity - NCC-74809

Mike Yan11February 04, 2020 02:20AM

  Shipwide Announcements

Mike Yan4February 04, 2020 02:21AM


Mike Yan9February 04, 2020 02:21AM

  CO Capt. Harvey Kirkman

Mike Yan8February 04, 2020 02:43AM

  XO LtCmdr Samantha Waters

lonewolf9February 04, 2020 05:33PM

  CSEC Ltjg. Tark Zolar

themperly5February 12, 2020 05:29PM

  XO LtCmdr Samantha Waters

lonewolf4February 12, 2020 08:19PM

  CO Capt. Harvey Kirkman

Mike Yan4February 18, 2020 12:22AM

  CSEC Ltjg. Tark Zolar

themperly3February 18, 2020 11:24AM

  Ready Room

Mike Yan3February 04, 2020 02:22AM

  Conference Room

Mike Yan3February 04, 2020 02:22AM

  Main Engineering

Mike Yan4February 04, 2020 02:22AM

  Mess Hall

Mike Yan3February 04, 2020 02:22AM


Mike Yan3February 04, 2020 02:23AM

  Valdivian Station - DS-808

Mike Yan5February 04, 2020 02:20AM

  Operations Center

Mike Yan3February 04, 2020 02:24AM

  Cargo Bay

Mike Yan5February 04, 2020 02:28AM

  NPC John McKnight

Mike Yan9February 04, 2020 02:34AM

  XO LtCmdr Samantha Waters

lonewolf11February 05, 2020 06:44PM

  SS Manitou

Mike Yan3February 04, 2020 02:20AM

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