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CEO Cdt Joshua Walsh

December 04, 2014 06:58PM
[Walsh, rematerializing on the bridge.]

Cadet Walsh took a quick look around the bridge once they had fully rematerialized. There were a few others on the bridge who were already back to work when the Commander started to speak. Josh was both excited and nervous when he learned that he would be CEO for this mission. He listened carefully to the Commanders instructions so he would be able to carry them out properly.

When Commander Planters walked over to the helm, Josh tapped his combadge. "Ensign Walters, this is Cadet Walsh. I have been made CEO for the current mission and will be performing launch inspections and checks. Please have everything ready, I will be down shortly."

CEO Cdt Joshua Walsh
Player: Josh Walsh

  Newsfleet Training Class 11411.25

Mike Yan941November 26, 2014 04:47AM

  Starfleet Academy

Mike Yan418November 26, 2014 04:47AM

  Academy Lounge

Mike Yan435November 26, 2014 04:47AM

  Transporter Room

Mike Yan440November 26, 2014 04:48AM

  Cdt Joshua Walsh

JoshWalsh397November 27, 2014 08:44AM

  CO Cmdr. Jackson Planters

Mike Yan441December 01, 2014 03:16AM

  Cdt Joshua Walsh

JoshWalsh392December 01, 2014 04:27PM


Mike Yan402December 03, 2014 02:09AM

  USS Rocky - NCC-71889

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Mike Yan383November 26, 2014 04:48AM


Mike Yan804December 03, 2014 02:10AM

  CO Cmdr. Jackson Planters

Mike Yan416December 03, 2014 02:18AM

  CEO Cdt Joshua Walsh

JoshWalsh379December 04, 2014 06:58PM

  NPC EO Ens Walters

JoshWalsh385December 05, 2014 01:47PM

  CO Cmdr. Jackson Planters

Mike Yan418December 06, 2014 12:06AM

  CEO Cdt Joshua Walsh

JoshWalsh371December 08, 2014 05:49PM

  Captain's Ready Room

Mike Yan426November 26, 2014 04:49AM


Mike Yan414November 26, 2014 04:49AM

  Main Engineering

Mike Yan449November 26, 2014 04:49AM

  CEO Cdt Joshua Walsh

JoshWalsh379December 04, 2014 07:31PM

  NPC EO Ens Walters

JoshWalsh380December 05, 2014 01:44PM

  CEO Cdt Joshua Walsh

JoshWalsh380December 09, 2014 10:14PM

  NPC EO Ens Walters

JoshWalsh344December 09, 2014 10:26PM


Mike Yan426December 14, 2014 03:01AM

  Training Tips

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  Post Placement

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  Post Structure

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  Re: Ships

JoshWalsh379December 09, 2014 10:28PM

  Re: Ships

Mike Yan410December 14, 2014 03:00AM


Mike Yan439December 14, 2014 03:06AM

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