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CEO Cdt Joshua Walsh

December 09, 2014 10:14PM
[Walsh, entering main engineering.]

The turbolift came to a stop and the doors slid open to reveal the Rocky's main engineering room. Cadet Walsh stepped out of the lift and started to walk in. The young Cadet couldn't help but look around in awe. He had gone over all of the specs of the Galaxy class starship many times but had never stepped foot inside a real one before. After a moment more of gawking, Cadet Walsh moved to find Ensign Walters. He quickly found the Ensign working at a station.

"Hello Ensign. I am Cadet Walsh. I'm eager to things moving. Are we ready to beging?" He said to the engineer.

{If they are ready.}

Josh would move over to another consul and begin looking over results of some of the computer diagnostics that had already finished.

{If they are not ready.}

"Alright. Let's get ready so we can get the checks finished as quickly as possible." He would move to another station and help the Ensign set up for the checks and inspections.

EO Ens. Joshua Walsh
Valdivian Station / USS Trinity
Player: Josh Walsh

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