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Cdt .K

September 12, 2019 04:16AM
[K, at the bar]

Kordova nodded thanks to the bartender and took a sip from her tea " So what will be waiting for me after the final exam? Will I be notified before or after exams if I'm going to be shipped out?" K looked towards the commander with a stern questionable look "Or will be continuing training if I fail? That reminds me, what happens if I do fail the exam- will I have to resit it?" the stern expression on her face never left as she wondered the what-ifs during her exam.

[OOC: I'm so sorry for leaving you in the dark for a long time, to be honest, I didn't know what you meant in your last post but I do now! Thank's for being so nice about it. So sorry again]

  Newsfleet Training Class 11907.31

Mike Yan169August 25, 2019 05:59PM

  Starfleet Academy

Mike Yan48August 25, 2019 05:59PM

  Academy Lounge

Mike Yan52August 25, 2019 05:59PM

  Cdt .K

Keira44September 12, 2019 04:16AM

  CO Cmdr. Luke Johnson

Mike Yan48September 20, 2019 01:26AM

  Cdt .K

Keira63September 24, 2019 07:30AM

  CO Commander Luke Johnson

Mike Yan46September 28, 2019 11:39PM

  Transporter Room

Mike Yan52August 25, 2019 05:59PM

  Cdt .K

Keira62September 30, 2019 02:24PM

  Cdt .K

Keira43September 30, 2019 02:25PM

  NPC Lt. Mark Hardman

Mike Yan47October 05, 2019 12:34AM

  Cdt .K

Keira54October 07, 2019 07:28AM

  NPC Lt. Mark Hardman

Mike Yan46October 11, 2019 12:12AM

  Re: NPC Lt. Mark Hardman

Keira56October 22, 2019 12:08AM

  NPC Lt. Mark Hardman

Mike Yan46October 31, 2019 02:16AM

  USS Floki - NCC-83918

Mike Yan47August 25, 2019 06:02PM


Mike Yan46August 25, 2019 06:02PM

  Ready Room

Mike Yan44August 25, 2019 06:02PM


Mike Yan40August 25, 2019 06:03PM

  Main Engineering

Mike Yan44August 25, 2019 06:03PM


Mike Yan53August 25, 2019 06:04PM


Mike Yan51August 25, 2019 06:04PM

  Commander Luke Johnson

Mike Yan50August 25, 2019 06:28PM

  Sa'her Lo'wan

Keira68September 02, 2019 03:08AM

  Training Tips

Mike Yan49August 25, 2019 06:05PM

  Important Rules

Mike Yan42August 25, 2019 06:05PM

  Signature Line

Mike Yan46August 25, 2019 06:06PM


Keira63September 17, 2019 11:52PM

  Re: Cdt.K

Mike Yan46September 20, 2019 01:21AM

  Re: OOC

Keira59October 08, 2019 04:52AM

  Re: OOC

Mike Yan44October 11, 2019 12:12AM

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