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Cdt .K

September 30, 2019 02:24PM
[K, arriving at the transporter room]

Excitement and worry bubbled within kordova's stomach as she walked inside the room. It wasn't her first time using a transporter but it still left her feeling anxious, she didn't want her spleen on the wrong of her body! She may be over-reacting but she couldn't help it, it might sound dumb but when she was small her brother told her if she used a transporter everything inside her would shift around and flip to the other side! The prank still made her nervous to this day but she sucked it up.

[OOC: Don't worry about it! Taking care of yourself is the first priority, I could've waited longer if needed thumbs up ]

Cdt. Sa'her Kordova Lo'wan
Player - Keira

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